Morning Song Farm CSA

Morning Song Farm, located in Rainbow, runs one of the three CSA programs that is currently available to Orange County residents.  Morning Song CSA currently requires a 13 week (quarterly) commitment to join their program, and they deliver their certified organic produce baskets weekly to various locations around Orange County.  Their mixed fruit and veggie baskets currently cost $34.50 weekly for a small basket or $44.50 weekly for a large basket.

What’s unique?  Because Morning Song Farm is in Rainbow, outside of Orange County, they are able to grow a greater variety of crops than most Orange County farms.  Macadamia nuts, mulberries, rhubarb and figs are a few of the crops they grow that I haven’t seen elsewhere.  Their payment and vacation policies also seem to be unusually well constructed.  The downside?  No home delivery, so if you don’t live or work near one of their weekly drop-off points it may be difficult to participate.

For more information or to join Morning Song Farm’s CSA, please visit

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