Tanaka Farms CSA

Tanaka Farms of Irvine offers one of the three CSA programs available in Orange County.  Tanaka Farms delivers their CSA boxes weekly, with a suggested 8 week commitment.  The offer one mixed fruit and veggie produce box for $30 a week, which is expected to feed a family of three or four.

What’s unique about Tanaka Farms?  They are the largest farm with a CSA program in Orange County, meaning that there is almost certainly a drop-off point near your home and work.  At $30 a box, it is also the least expensive way to try CSA and they offer the most flexible terms with no 12 week pre-payment.  The downsides?  While Tanaka claims to follow organic growing practices, they are not certified organic so you are not 100% certain how your produce is grown.  Also, as a larger commercial farm, they do not offer the same boutique variety as some other CSA programs.  Their program appears to be particularly lean on the variety of fruits offered.

For more information or to join Tanaka Farms CSA, please visit www.tanakafarms.com.

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  • Nelly Mon

    Recently visited the farm after signing up for their CSA program for pick up at the Irvine Market. Beautiful farm and friendly staff. Talked to a few about their organic farming practices which I think is great! I pick up my CSA box on Sundays from the Irvine Market, a convenience store on Main St, because they’re open until 9:30p and have plenty of parking on the weekends and will put my box in the refrigerator if I need to pick it up late. Wonderful of Tanaka Farms to team up with local businesses that stay open late!

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