Kaiser Permanente Irvine Market

As part of their mission to offer holistic health solutions and help patients “thrive”, Kaiser Permanente offers farmers markets in the parking lots of many of their medical centers (find out more about Kaiser Permanente farmers markets Here).  One such market is Friday mornings from 10 to 2 in the parking lot of the hospital at 6670 Alton Parkway in Irvine.  Although Kaiser’s goal may be commendable, I visited this market last Friday and I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as “thriving”.  First of all, I find it ironic that of the 11 vendors there, only 2 actually sell fresh fruits or vegetables.  Perhaps the stands selling orchids and honey could also be broadly categorized as “farmers”.   All the rest are vendors selling prepared foods.  I think that they are mainly catering to the employees and patients who buy lunches and snacks.

The verdict?  If you live or work really close and just want to pick up something simple, like oranges, a loaf of bread, or strawberries, then swing on by.  You will still get much better quality than the grocery store.  I must warn, though, that if you aren’t already going to the medical center parking can be inconvenient.  Otherwise, if you are looking for a true farmers market experience, hop on the 405 freeway and visit the Laguna Hills market a few exits south.  For a Friday morning market, it offers far better variety and parking.  The Saturday and Tuesday Irvine markets are also other good local options.

Kaiser Permanente Irvine Certified Farmers Market Stats

Number of vendors: 11

  • citrus: yes
  • stone fruit: yes, limited
  • strawberries: yes
  • leafy greens: yes, very limited
  • fresh veggies: yes, very limited
  • sprouts: no
  • avocados: yes
  • mushrooms: no
  • bread/ bakery: yes
  • cheese: no
  • meat: no
  • fish: no
  • eggs: no
  • honey: yes
  • pasta: no
  • tamales: yes
  • coffee: no
  • juices: no
  • prepared foods: yes
  • plants: yes
  • cut flowers: no
  • crafts: no

Last visit: 5.7.2010.  The above information is correct to the best of my knowledge based on a personal visitIf you have updated information please post a comment or contact Rachael by email at localoranges at gmail dot com.

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