E's Favorite Fusion Slaw

Usually less is more, but occasionally more is more flavor!   This quick slaw is the perfect sweet, sour, salty and spicy side dish to serve with any Chinese, Thai or Asian-inspired fusion cuisine.  Or, you can top it with grilled chicken or shrimp for a delicious stand-alone lunch.  The real reason I keep making it?  Even my salad-adverse toddler comes back for seconds.

The slaw:

1/2 head red cabbage, cored and sliced thinly

1/2 head green cabbage, cored and sliced thinly

1 bell pepper, diced (my favorite is orange, but yellow or red are great too)

3 green onions, chopped fine

1/2 cup chopped cilantro

1/2 cup (or more!) chopped peanuts (cashews work too)

The dressing:

1/3 cup olive oil

1/4 cup low-sodium soy sauce

1/4 cup rice wine vinegar

1 tablespoon honey

1 tablespoon sriracha (or other Asian chili sauce)

juice of 1/2 lime

1 inch piece of fresh ginger, finely grated

Whisk together dressing ingredients.  Toss salad ingredients with dressing and serve.  This recipe makes about a cup of dressing, which makes the slaw very well-dressed, so if you use small cabbages or just want to cut back then start with half.  You can save the other half for a tasty dressing on your next Chinese Chicken salad.  Most of the ingredients except for the bell pepper should be available at OC farmers markets year-round.  If peppers are out of season, you can throw in grated carrot for a little color.

This original recipe belongs to Rachael of localoranges.com.  Please do not reproduce without permission.

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